Laurina - North American GOLD MEDAL Winner_ Very Rare Coffee - Natural Dried - Medium Roasted - Whole bean

   North American GOLD MEDAL WINNER             "Golden Bean" Competition

Laurina (Bourbon Pointu) Is a variety originally found in Madagascar, then brought to Costa Rica in the 60's. Only in the past few years has Laurina been grown commercially. The Laurina Coffee tree is a very small dwarf plant, therefore the amount of coffee from each plant is very low, thus a higher price. The Laurina coffee seed can be easily recognized as it is small, very elongated, with pointy ends, more like large rice than traditional coffee. Laurina is one of the few coffees that is naturally low in caffeine, roughly just slightly more than decaffeinated coffee. Laurina is special as it is all natural, no harsh process is used to lessen the caffeine. The Laurina bean is very hard and dense. The cupping flavor is very complex and changes as the cup cools.

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