About Us

Welcome to Moon MountainTM, the MicroganicTM farm!  During our many years of producing fresh, 100% Arabica, coffee and tea from the Cosa Rican Rainforest, we have developed cultivating services that we call, MicroganicTM farming.   These agricultural services allow us to create delicious coffee for you and other growers for whom we also produce coffee and tea, using organic matter.  We carefully select Rainforest soil and other biological material containing disease-fighting microbes, fungi, nematodes and bacteria.  We also inoculate the coffee plants with a natural spray to help protect them from harmful infestations, disease and contamination.

Our coffee is unique in that it is, "Estate Grown and Processed". We grow and/or process all the coffee we sell on own our farm in Costa Rica. This means we control everything that has been done from the plant to the roasted bean.

We specialize in coffees from a remote area of Costa Rica. Moon Mountain Coffee, is located in small village called El Carmen, (not on most maps), which is in the very south of Costa Rica, above San Vito, Coto Brus, in the Talamanca Mountains, adjacent to Amistad National Park,.about 5  kilometers West of Panama ("as the crow flies").  Altitudes of the small coffee farms range from 1100 to 1600 meters. We are located in the same climate and mountain range as the famous Boquete of Panama, and about equidistance from the border.  

This is an amazing coffee farming community which I feel has been overlooked by "Specialty" coffee buyers, because this area of Costa Rica was last to develop infrastructure. Electricity was just installed about 10 years ago and the roads are still unpaved. Paso Real, the primary road access, about 20 years ago, a bridge was installed to replace a Ferry to cross the Terraba River, which carried one bus or about 4 cars per crossing. Now cars and trucks pass at will.
While coffee has been grown here for more than fifty years, having such remoteness, forced all the coffee farmers in this area to sell their coffee cheaply to "Cooperativas".
We have owned this farm for about 14 years during which, we also sold our coffee to the co-ops, rarely making any profit, and usually loosing money
We  have coffee varieties such as Montecristo, Geisha, Villa Sarchi, Caturra, and Catuai. We are planting many more varieties to come.
If you have any questions please feel free to email me at evansjamesd@hotmail.com