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Moon Mountain Coffee is one of the only farms in Costa Rica to grow, process, export to the US and ship freshly roast coffee, from the farm, directly to you. We craft this coffee from the farm to your home. All our coffee is hand selected, processed, sundried, then dry milled and sorted on our farm. We understand and control the entire quality process.

We use a Microganic TM  process to care for the coffee plant. This is where we collect organic plant mater and soil from the nearby healthy rainforest, making sure we select natural  helpful disease fighting microbes, fungi, nematodes, and bacteria. Then we inoculate our coffee plants by spraying with a tea grown from these microbes, which helps naturally protect the coffee from harmful infestations, disease and contamination. Our coffee has been tested for 417 chemicals and resulted in zero parts per million for all. 

While shipping our coffee in the container, we use Grainpro bags, which are hermitically sealed liners, within our burlap sacs to preserve and protect the coffee from element of the shipping container. (only about 2% of the worlds coffee is shipped in this manner.) Once shipped to long Beach California, the coffee is carefully stored and only opened when it is time to roast.

We roast in small batches of 5 kilos where we have the ability to control the quality of the roast. Your order will be roasted within 48 hours of shipping. Moon Mountain Coffee is carefully crafted and sold with pride.