Moon Mountain Coffee is fresh tasting and full bodied coffee. The aftertaste has sweet hints of citrus and dark berries, with low to mild acidity.

Estate Grade - 12 Ounce Bag

You are purchasing FRESH coffee, directly from the farmer. Our coffee is 100% Arabica, Costa Rican Coffee,handpicked,sundried, and carefully sorted, to give you the best beans possible. We carefully ship our green coffee and then roast locally here in the US, in small batches, with craft and care, then ship your custom order.

We use a MicroganicTM process to care for the coffee plant. This is where we collect organic plant mater and soil from the nearby healthy rainforest, making sure we select natural helpful disease fighting microbes, fungi, nematodes, and bacteria. Then we inoculate our coffee plants by spraying with a tea grown from these microbes, which helps naturally protect the coffee from harmful infestations, disease and contamination.